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Zimbabwe Exemption Permits

Zimbabwe Exemption Permits (ZEP Permits)

News flash – September 2022

Zimbabwe Exemption Permits – also known as ZEP permits – have been extended by the

Department of Home Affairs from the previous extension to now be valid up until the 29th November 2024.

This is done under the presumption that holders of ZEP permits should apply for waivers and other mainstream visas they may qualify for,

in order to remain on legal Visa statuses in South Africa.

ZEP Permit holders are however requested to use this time to submit applications for the following:

  • Waiver applications – To waive certain requirements in terms of applying for a General Work Visa – we specialise in this
  • General Work Visas – You can apply for this once the waiver outcome is received
  • Critical Skills Work Visas – Your qualifications and occupation must be on the Critical Skills list
  • Accompany Spouse Visas – If you are married to or in a Life Partner relationship with a SA citizen or Permanent Residence holder
  • Relatives Visas – If either your Father, Mother, Brother or Sister is either a SA Citizen or Permanent Residence holder
  • Study Visas – Should you wish to take up full time studies in SA

Applications may be submitted in SA – no need to return to Zimbabwe.

For an assessment to confirm if you qualify for another type of visa, and in order to remain

in South Africa legally, please send an email to henry@hasslefree.co.za 

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