SA Permits & Visas

SA Permits & Visas

SA Permits & Visas

New Legislation Changes

With a lot of new legislation changes that came into effect in June 2014 the SA immigration arena has become a minefield, but with our experience and knowledge of the new legislations you can rest assured that we will guide you through all the obstacles during any visa application process.

South African Immigration:Permits & Visas

HFI is an industry leader in South African immigration. A team of registered South African immigration practitioners with extensive experience with the Department of Home Affairs and years of experience of working together with corporate clients mean only one thing for you: effective immigration solutions on a consistent basis.

We understand that your company is unique and has unique immigration needs. With years of experience backing us up and immigration research being done on a continuous basis, we have the ability to provide your company with tailor-made solutions to these needs and make the process of transferring or employing employees from abroad a seamless and hassle-free one.

South AfricanWork Visa Application Process & Service

After you’ve received our information pack with fee list and made payment as per the fee list, or in the case of a corporate client have accepted our quotation. Then HFI will send out a detailed checklist of all the required documents and letters needed from you as well as your prospective employer to open a file and start the application process.

All documents and letters from the checklist has to be emailed to us from which we will compile the application, and if in the case of a general work visa the application to be submitted to The Department of Labour first or the waiver application via VFS. And then once the outcome of Department of Labour or the waiver outcome has been obtained, then the work visa application can be submitted via either one of the following options:

Important NoticesAbout South African Work Visas

With new legislation in force from 26 May 2014 – no visit visas may be changed over to any of the work visa categories whilst the applicant is in SA

An application for any of the work visas must – in case of the above – be submitted abroad at an SA Embassy in the applicant’s home country.

This rule does not however apply to spouses, relatives or children of SA citizens or foreigners on work permits in SA – HFI can assist with this process.

Applicants with work visas in South Africa may change over to other work visas (General or Critical skills only) and also extend whilst in SA via the VFS application process.

All applications to be done in SA via VFS or abroad at an SA Embassy must be submitted by each applicant in person – including spouses and children of all ages.

All General Work Visa applications (new and extensions) need a recommendation from Dept of Labour. It takes approximately 60 days to obtain this requirement – please allow enough time for this in order to have a Work Visa application submitted timeously

We Assist WithThe Following South African Visas

Permanent Residency South Africa

In South Africa, there are several categories under which to obtain permanent residency can be obtained. We also understand that each individual’s situation is different. Our consultants are registered South African Immigration Practitioners who are educated in the required criteria for either permanent residency and or citizenship. If you would like to discuss the options available to you, please contact our office to find out if you qualify for permanent residency in South Africa.