Corporate Clients

Corporate Clients

Corporate Clients

For The Corporate World

In an increasingly global world, HFI fits an ever-important niche in your company by becoming its individualised work permits /immigration specialist. Our business as well as yours is dynamic. HFI offers a wide variety of services as your corporation’s needs grow. Basically, the key is that we consider ourselves a part of your team and your success are ours.

We at Hassle Free Immigration assist all our clients with all South African work visas, intra-company transfers, study visastemporary and permanent South African residence permits as well as accompanying visas for spouse and dependents that accompany the main applicant.

The Work Visas Specialists

The current trend of globalisation has seen many companies expanding to South Africa and importing skills from overseas branches to local branches. The task of the Human Resources Manager and or Officer has become increasingly complex and difficult when it comes to obtaining the correct permit and visas for employees on secondments or assignments to South Africa.

Arranging work visas for skilled staff coming into South Africa is a complicated process with many legal obligations to adhere to; legal obligations that Human Resources Departments might not be aware of and which could lead to delays in the processing of applications, and even refusals.

Corporate Clients

This is where Hassle Free Immigration comes in.

Our company specialises in obtaining work visas for staff entering South Africa on international assignments and secondments. Through years of extensive experience in working with large corporate companies, we have enabled ourselves to understand corporate structures and deadlines, when it comes to obtaining the correct Visa on the specific time for the person entering South Africa.

New Legislation Changes

With a lot of new legislation changes that came into effect in June 2014 the SA immigration arena has become a minefield, but with our experience and knowledge of the new legislations you can rest assure that we will guide you through all the obstacles during any South African visa application process.

We have therefore singled out our areas of expertise which includes the following:

  • All Work Visas (General, Critical Skills and Intra-Company)
  • Spouse and Dependant Visas (Accompanying Family)
  • 90-day Work Authorisation Visit Visas
  • Student Visas
  • Permanent Residence Applications
  • All Visit and Work Visa Extensions
Hassle Free

Your Company’s Gateway For International Assignments to South Africa

Hassle Free Immigration established itself as a market leader and a recognised outsourcing agent of Human Resource – International Assignments to South Africa. Once the HR has given us the go-ahead with an international assignment, whether the employee will be assigned from Afghanistan, China or the Ukraine, we provide a complete service regarding costs, timeframes and documentation needed.

This unique service has been provided to our current corporate clients with great success. Not only is it hassle free, it is also cost-effective. With detailed planning on timeframes and costs, we can ensure that no unnecessary costs have to be paid for changing of travel itinerary for the expat as well as the family.

  • Assist you in locating all relevant documentation for the application
  • Forward all relevant application forms
  • Complete all application forms
  • Assemble the application ready for submission
  • Represent your application form start to finish with all the relevant South African High Commission or Embassy
  • Lease directly with HR locally as well as the International Company or office of that company anywhere in the world
  • Complete application packs will be couriered abroad for applicants to submit in person with any SA Embassy worldwide

Additional Services


With documents being translated by a Sworn Translator of the Supreme Court, you can be assured that translations are of the highest quality at all times and will be accepted by any immigration authority.

Certification of documents

Documents will be certified by a Commissioner of Oaths

Collection Of documents Locally And Courier Service

These contracts will be drawn up by our notary public. These notarial contracts become necessary in same sex relationship applications or Life Partner Agreements when applying for work permits – especially needed when one partner is a SA citizen

Collection Of documents Locally And Courier Service

HFI utilises the services of a reputable 100% black owned courier company with full time well-experienced drivers to provide a personalised collection and delivery service of all documents locally. For International deliveries we use DHL Courier Services.

Other Services We OfferThat May Be Required During Work Visa Applications

  • SAQA
  • Assistance with registrations of applicants with professional bodies – i.e. engineers
  • Waiver applications
  • Appeals with undesirability declarations
  • Section 11(2) Work authorisation visas – To be pre arranged by the relevant SA Embassy abroad for all types of passports
  • Placements of advertisement for work permit applications
  • Recommendation letters from Department Of Labour and or Department of Trade and Industry
  • Experience in large account management

Hassle-free Immigration and Visa Services for Corporate Companies

Hassle Free Immigration is proud of our years of experience in large account management. The long standing relationship with our large corporate companies is testimony to this. We have successfully provided a global immigration service to our large corporate clients. Once we have received the instruction from HR, our team will start the process to have the assignee obtain a work permit as hassle free as possible.

The Process

Experience has taught us that clear and clutter free communication with all parties involved is the vital key to success. We therefore have standard procedures in place that has been tested and perfected to ensure a clear communication line.


This is usually in a form of a formal email instruction from the HR decision maker. HFI will not proceed with any application without formal instruction. We have learnt that with large organizations, we cannot start an application for Visas until a formal go-ahead has been given. This will ensure that all (HR and HFI) is clear on what is expected

Formal Response to Instruction

Again this will be in email format. It will give clear information on procedures to be followed, timeframes, costs, alternative suggestions (if applicable) and any problems that may arise during the process. With this information your company can make calculated and qualified decisions before the process starts, to effectively manage the expectations of the expat and to have realistic start dates for the new assignee.

Meeting the Expat

We have found that it is usually very beneficial to meet the expat at your company’s offices in person when he/she enters for a look-see (only if possible). We will then reconfirm the procedure and explain the paperwork in more detail if required.

Direct communication with the Expat

A detailed email is sent directly to the expat that explains the procedures and timeframes. All relevant checklists regarding documentation required and application forms are sent as well. The dedicated HFI consultant will also telephonically contact with the Expat to discuss the checklist, application forms and procedures in detail. During this conversation the Expat will also be given the opportunity to ask the consultant any questions that may arise. We have found that this ensures that the expat understands the process and what is expected from him/her and forms a clear idea of the process to be followed. Throughout the process all communication will be CC’ed to the relevant HR as well as the line manager to ensure that all parties involved are on the “same page” on where we are in a process and what the next step will be. This also enables HR to communicate any deadlines, pitfalls or concerns.

Collating and preparation of application

All supporting documents as listed on the relevant checklist will be required to be forwarded in email format to the dedicated consultant from the expat as well as HR. HFI will then create the relevant motivational and supporting letters that will be forwarded to HR to be reviewed and then to be printed and signed on company letterhead. HFI also complete all relevant application forms on behalf of the expat and HR to then be signed respectively.


Submission Abroad

The collated pack is couriered to the expat directly. Personal submission is required by the DHA mission abroad. Once submitted HFI will directly follow-up the application and will communicate progress of the application with all parties involved. Note: This is the preferred method of submitting applications – turnaround time usually 2 to 4 weeks, but some embassies can take up to 8 weeks.

Submission in SA

The complete pack will be collected from HR and the application will be delivered to the applicant who then in turn has to submit it in person to a VFS office. HFI will provide complete instructions on when and where the applicant should submit this. With the new VFS submission system the applicant will receive a tracking number which will allow him to trace his application via the VFS website. Note: Not the preferred method as turnaround times are between 3 to 4 months.

Relationship And ExperienceWith SA Home Affairs And International Embassies

Experience has taught us that clear and clutter free communication with all parties involved is the vital key to success. We therefore have standard procedures in place that has been tested and perfected to ensure a clear communication line.

The Department of Home Affairs (DHA)

Our team has a long and good standing relationship with the Department of Home Affairs (DHA). As mentioned we have registered immigration practitioners and therefore we are formally and legally acknowledged by DHA. Being a registered immigration practitioner gives us at HFI the authority to deal with all immigration applications on behalf of your company and the Expat. Our consultants have +/- 10 years of working experience with the department and direct contact with the heads of various regional offices as well as missions abroad.

International Embassies

HFIs years of international immigration law experience effectively resulted in the building of relations with numerous International Embassies and Missions abroad. Although the process and regulations changed from time to time we always endeavour to research immigration changes and procedures on a continuous basis.

Our large database of corporate companies which we provide immigration service to has allowed us to have a diverse and broad knowledge of immigration rules and have therefore resulted in establishing long term embedded relationships.

Administrative Excellence

We have divided our administrative procedures and excellence into the following categories:

Database management

To allow a database management system to work effectively, experience has taught us that an Internal Immigration Audit is vital for success. HFI will therefore assist HR to gather and compile all relevant information to be inserted into the immigration database management system. This audit will allow and enable HFI to notify HR well in advance of expiration dates on permits/documents/visas/passports etc.

The system will also indicate in detail at which stage each application currently is and provide a short progress description on a weekly basis.

Record keeping

Hard copies as well as electronic copies of all application documents and issued permits are kept in a 5-year storage system. This record keeping allows for the upkeep of permit information on the immigration database management system and also allows HFI to access certain documentation that could be required for permit renewals and extensions (e.g. translations/birth certificates/SAQA etc.). Should any documents/passports/visas get stolen/lost or damaged, HFI will have copies of the original.

Renewals and extensions

With the above mentioned immigration database management system, all renewals and extensions can be managed by HFI well before the date of expiry of existing permits. This means that we can manage and alert HR well in advance to avoid last minute rush applications that could lead to the expiry of visas/overstaying/deportation and immigration fines.


Depending on volumes it is recommended that progress meetings are held fortnightly with HR and the dedicated HFI consultant. At these meetings timelines/changes/concerns/recommendations and progress of applications are discussed. Heads-up can be given on possible new assignments at these meetings which allow for discussion in terms of the best permit options and timeframes to enable all to manage expectations.


Our experience in large account management have taught us that it is extremely beneficial and productive to have Immigration Training Sessions with the HR staff involved with International Assignments and the Expats twice a year. These sessions are used to train and inform HR/line managers in terms of internal processes/procedures used by HFI as well as indicating timeframes. This allows for the management of expectations and leads to a seamless and hassle-free immigration process.