Your South African Work Visa Specialists

Hassle Free Immigration was established in January 2002. We are a small organisation who prides itself on the fact that we are productive and most cost-effective, especially in the price sensitive world economy we all facing these days. With HFI you will encounter a personalised service where we can guarantee that your expectations will be exceeded when you choose us in journey to applying for a South African work visa or permit. Being a small company we treat every client as a priority, with us you are not just another number. For all citizens of the world, corporate and individual, interested in any facet of immigration to South Africa, HFI (Hassle Free Immigration) is the key to SA Immigration success. Let us tell you why we are the only choice for your needs.

South African Visa Application

Our Vision

Hassle Free Immigration is our objective for you, our client, at all times and costs, and this’s why our services are constantly growing and our market share increasing. However, our service level is always maintained throughout. Knowledge and understanding of the legal implications of each South African visa/permit is the key to the most hassle-free transition from any location abroad to South Africa. Essentially, we consistently strive to exceed your expectations.


HFI staff is qualified in all the legal aspects and implications of immigration to South Africa. In fact, we have registered agents (Registered Immigration Practitioners with the DHA) such as immigration consultants with a decade of first-hand experience with Home Affairs. We are also registered with FIPSA – The Forum for Immigration Practitioners in SA. We value you, the client, and therefore, aim to offer the most legal-wise service available in the industry.

Efficiency Of An International Standard

As an individual’s or corporation’s personalised SA Work Visa consultant, HFI understands that time is money. Therefore, we are dedicated to providing you the most efficient service available. As evidence to this, all your immigration work is processed and managed by us from start to finish. With our assessment programme, we have accomplished a near perfect pass rate with the applications we’ve compiled for our clients.

Customised Service

Whether your needs are for an individual, a family or an entire organisation, we are there to assist. We implement and manage practical solutions to meet your objectives and exceed your expectations. Individuals and businesses choose Hassle Free Immigration services to reduce the time and effort required to obtain relevant work visas. Even if you have been deported, our team is ready to assist you, and not to mention, HFI offers the most professional all-inclusive service in South Africa.

Cost Effective And Competitive Rates

It has been a well-known fact that using large immigration consultancies does not come cheap! Furthermore, using these large immigration consultancies does not necessarily mean that you will receive a better service—on the contrary—you normally end up just being a number! It is vital that HR ensures that they appoint the agent that will deliver the best service at the best price. There is no reason to sign lengthy and costly contracts that will bind you with service providers that cannot deliver on initial promises.


BBBEE Certification

Hassle Free Immigration is proud to be South African and have been a BBBEE certified enterprise since September 2008. We are currently a level 4 contributor with 100% recognition level for an exempted micro enterprise – Certification available upon request.